Discovering The Afterlife

Death has always been a part of life, but it can be frightening to many. Religion has always played a large role in helping to comfort those facing death, and it has often been believed that there is a path to a new life awaiting those leaving this one. Some of these paths are very specific, but others give few details. No matter how primitive or complex a religious belief system is, the common theme of living on after leaving this world is one that has held many people over the centuries.

Heaven and hell are Christian concepts, and many of those raised within this religion believe they will travel to one place or the other after their physical body has ceased to function in this world. They do not need to bring anything with them, but being laid to rest is a complex process involving rituals to help their loved ones celebrate their life as they bid them farewell. This belief system says that those who have lived a life within their belief system will go to the paradise of heaven, and those who have unredeemed sins will spend eternity in hell.

Some religions do not preach the idea of a permanent afterlife, and reincarnation is an important part of their system. When a person dies in this life, their soul goes on to whatever incarnation they have earned through their good deeds and sins. Some of them might come back as a person who will prove to have earned great rewards in their next life, but others will regress due to their lack of progress in the life they have just left.

Each religious system has its own variations on these themes, and they are often a comfort to those left behind. Whether a person’s death is a permanent journey to the afterlife or not, the majority of belief systems do give those following them an opportunity to believe they will go to a place that may be better than the life they are done living.