How you can earn money from a personal injury claim

How you can earn money from a personal injury claim

There are millions of personal injury claims each year. Making sure you get the most out of an injury claim is important, as it may impact on your life for many years to come. Knowing about the process and the steps involved will help you negotiate a stressful time and be sure you get what you deserve. Be sure to look for experienced lawyers for claims of personal injury near Fort Myers.

With any type of personal injury case, you have the right to pursue compensation through the court system. However, there will usually be an insurance policy in place to cover your losses. An insurance provider usually prefers to pay you a settlement in return for you not pursuing the case in court.

This saves them the court costs and usually benefits you because you don’t have to wait months or years to resolve your case. Also, if you do take a case to trial, you can risk getting nothing if you lose. A settlement is always a compromise between you and whoever is liable for your injuries.

An insurance company would ideally not want a personal injury case to go to trial, as an unpredictable jury may absolve the defendant of any liability but could just as easily award you a vast sum for injuries, loss of income, etc.

Is there a minimum amount for personal injury settlements?

There is no maximum or minimum amount when it comes to settlements. Every case is different, and the amount of a settlement case depends on many factors, including:

· the extent and nature of your injuries and the impact long-term of those injuries

· who was at fault for the injuries

· the willingness of you or the defendant to let the case go to trial if necessary.

What Can I Claim For? General and Special Damages

General damages arise from the injury and medical treatment required but can be subjective and not easy to quantify. They can include such things as disfigurement, pain, and suffering, lost companionship and loss of enjoyment of life.

Special damages are easier to quantify, and include things like costs of medical treatment, lost income opportunity, lost wages and property damage.

Bringing a Successful Claim

The claim procedure can be lengthy and onerous. Dealing with insurance companies can be fraught with dangers for the inexperienced, and claims adjusters are not bound by law to treat you fairly or offer you amounts that you deserve.

There are some basic principles to follow for any claim:

Obtain the necessary medical treatment for yourself as soon as possible.Take photographs of the accident scene, any damage, and your injuries.Never give a recorded statement to the defendant’s insurance company.Initial bills can be paid with your personal injury insurance, then use your health insurance. Keep copies of all bills and records.Do not share details about your case on social media. Always underestimate the amount of time your claim will take.

Hiring a Lawyer

Whether you hire a lawyer or not depends on your injuries and the amount of money. If your injuries are minor and the liability of the defendant is obvious, you may be able to save a lot of money by pursuing the claim yourself. With serious injuries or complicated situations, however, it will be in your best interest to hire a lawyer.