Corded or Cordless beard trimmers

Beards is one of the things that define a real man in the society. Beard grooming is important since it makes men more attractive. The most common technique of grooming facial hair is by trimming it. Trimming beards makes men to have smooth thin and cheeks. Trimming is achieved by the help of beard trimmers which can be corded or cordless. Before choosing a trimmer that suits your needs, you should know how it works and its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the difference between the two trimmers.

1. Corded beard trimmers

These are powerful trimmers which have cords to supply them with steady power to operate the motors. The cord is usually connected to an external power source such as electricity or generators. The use of direct electrical energy is advantageous since you don’t need to worry about the problem of power running out when trimming your beards. However, sometimes there can be long and unavoidable blackouts which can interfere with your operations. Corded trimmers can operate for long hours and maintain their efficiency without any problems. The biggest drawback of using this type of trimmers is their limited flexibility. With this trimmer, you can only use it if you have a source of power such as electricity. In addition, you can only use it within the radius of the cord from the source of power, check out the for an alternative.

2. Cordless beard trimmers

They have batteries which supply direct current to the motors. The internal batteries make this trimmer portable and you can use it anywhere. Some of the cordless trimmers are made of water proof materials and stainless steel which make them rust free. Such trimmers are ideal for use in bathrooms, shower trays and other areas with high moisture content. This kind of a trimmer can be very convenient to you if you have a safari. You can easily pack this trimmer with your items and use it in remote areas without electricity provided the batteries are fully charged. This trimmer comes with a cord which is used to charge the batteries when they are low.

Despite the many advantages of using the cordless trimmers, they also have some disadvantages. When using these trimmers, you can easily be left with half groomed cheeks if the batteries runs down when operating. If the built-in batteries become faulty, sometimes they can leak and produce dangerous substances that corrode or destroy the internal components of the trimmer. In addition, the batteries can also be a health hazard to human beings and they pollute the environment if they are not properly disposed. Their length of operation is limited to the strength of the batteries. Lithium ion powered trimmers seem to operate for long hours than other models.


Final verdict

Both corded and cordless trimmers will enable you achieve the same goal of grooming your facial hair. The choice between the two depends on personal preferences, lifestyles and needs. However, each type of trimmer has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are after portability, go for cordless trimmers since they can be used anywhere even inside your car. But if you want a powerful trimmer and you know that electricity is readily available or it is reliable at your place, a corded trimmer will be a better option for you.