How to get a good drum set for kids

There is no better way to make a child good in drumming than starting to nurture them from a tender age. Buying your kids a drum set at this age is the best way to expose them to drumming and therefore enhance their skills. By getting good drums for your kids you will be giving them a good chance to grow their interests and sharpen their drumming skills. Currently, there are many good drum set for kids available. It is therefore important to know the tricks of getting the best drum set for your kids. The following are some of the factors you should consider when getting a drum set for your kids.


This is the seat of the drummer. Make sure the drum set you buy has a throne that has an adjustable height to fit the size of your kid. This will prove vital as the drum set can grow with your kid. It must also be firm and well-balanced to make it comfortable for your kid while playing. A good firm throne will also help in reducing chances of injuries for small kids.

2. Cymbals and Cymbal stands.

For kids it is best you choose a free standing type of cymbal stand to give freedom to your kids when they play while standing. The stand should equally be heavy duty to prevent the cymbal from falling over when it is hit. This will help in reducing cases of injuries. The best type of cymbals are hi hat due to their size but if you prefer the larger ones then a crash and ride cymbals will fit you best.

3. Age of your Child. 

Before settling for a drum set for your kids it is important to consider their age. You can decide to buy junior drum sets for young kids below the age of 6. These drum kits are very small and in most times do not give the drumming experience that comes with a full drum kit.  For kids above the age of 6 it is recommended to buy a full-sized
drum kit which is more advanced and gives the kids a great drumming experience. It is important to note however, that most kids’ drum kits are suitable for children over the age of 3years.

4. Brand.

Always go for well known brands that have been around for sometime. This
way, you are assured of quality drum kits for your kids. Quality brands have drums whose components stay well in place during playing. They also offer a great resale value in case you want to replace your drum kits for more advanced ones.

5. Inspect and Play the Kit.

Before buying a drum kit for your kids, it is important to play the drums and know how it feels. Even if you are not a good drummer you can always tell when the drum  doesn’t feel right. Always make sure you inspect the kit to make sure no equipment is missing and that it is in good condition. If you are settling for a second hand kit, make sure it is in mint condition and that you are getting good quality for your money. Some of the things to check is the hardware, bearing edges and wooden shells.When followed to the letter, the above factors will help you get a good drum set for your kids.