Moving is a hassle

You have to lift this and clean that then pack those. ( Ijust hurt my back thinking about it). And this is before you even get to the new place. On top of that you have to be sure to update your change in address with your post office. For some, a simple address change involves going online, paying a $1 and making sure your information is correct before you submit it. But for others, changing your address can be more difficult than you think.

USPS change of address is the most organized, user friendly and easy to understand site in the entire universe. This of course is a lie. For the most part, changing your address starts off simple. That’s how they lure you in. Select whether or not you moving back into the old address then figure out what day you need your mail to start going to your new place. lt’s ok to select today or tomorrow, but don’t expect snail mail to update that quickly. After that, let them know if it’s just you, your whole family or your business that’s moving.

Next, input all of your contact info, then the old address (current address if you haven’t already moved) and new address. Don’t mess this part up or you’ll be in a world of frustration. I once misspelled my new address doing this online and didn’t get a single letter for 3 months until I called the Post Office and realized the mistake. I did however continue to receive a bunch of credit card offers and other assorted junk mail no problem. When you finish spell checking your new address the next page has a shocking surprise in store. You have to pay. Okay, not really a shocker but annoying nonetheless. I mean you already paid the security deposit and a months rent, probably for some movers too. Or you at least had to rent a truck and buy lots of boxes. Now here comes the Government, squeezing another dollar out of you. And for what? Just so you can have your bills sent to the right place. (Can you tell I don’t like moving?) Anyways, the problems start if your billing address (so many addresses) is not recognized by the site. Not sure if it doesn’t like apartments or whatever, but you may have to try on your phone or laptop a few times and reformat that address until they take your dollar. Be sure to get confirmation too!
Finally, if all goes well you can expect a pile of forwarded mail to be sent to your new correctly spelled home until everything is updated. There may be a gap in how long it takes for the forwarded mail but don’t worry (unless it’s been 3 months). Occupy your time by unpacking all the stuff you hauled over. Keep those boxes handy just in case you somehow screwed up worst than me. If you did, you might end up having to live in one of them.