Tips on how to successfully replace your SS Card

The United States Government is mandated to assess the welfare of its citizens. Moreover, it’s tasked with the responsibility of monitoring all operations currently being undertaken by people residing in the U.S…Whether you are a U.S citizen, a permanent resident or a temporary (working) resident residing in the U.S, the government has to identify all your working operations.

So how does the government make this possible?

Through the issuance of a Social Security Card by the Social Security Administration Agency (SSA). The government expects all its citizens, permanent residents and temporary residents working in the country to hold a valid social security card which would go on further and assist them in applying for jobs, file income taxes, seek insurance benefits, opening up of their various bank accounts or even when applying for loans from credit institutions. Get help with any form at

So what happens when I lose my Social Security Card?

In the event that you lose or misplace your Social Security Card, you are advised to immediately replace your lost card so as to continue with your routine normal activities without encountering any problems. This article will cover on the tips you need to know when seeking to replace your Social Security Card.


When seeking to replace your Social Security Card, you will be required to prove your identity before the mandated agency (SSA office). It’s here where you will be required to prove your U.S citizenship-therefore ensure that you carry your original U.S birth certificate or a valid U.S Passport.

Other important documents that you can carry to prove your identity include; a State issued identification card, a valid U.S driver’s license, a health insurance card, employee ID card, a school ID card or a U.S military card. Please note that the most important identity documents include a State issued ID card or a valid driver’s license….if you are not in possession of these two you can go on and avail the rest.


This is where you fill out an application for the replacement of your lost Social Security Card. When filling out the necessary forms, ensure that you read carefully every information and fill in every detail that is required of you. Please note that filling in false information on the respective forms will result in immediate rejection of your plea…The SSA office will go on and send back your application forms.

You can also fill your application online by visiting the website: WWW.SSA.GOV. In case of any difficulty please call the following toll free number 1-800-772-1213.


After carefully filling out the required forms, ensure that you avail all the forms together with your original documents (proof of identity documents) to your nearest local SSA office. Submission can be done either in person or you can simply mail your documents…However, it’s advised that you present the documents in person.

Find or search your local SSA office by browsing through the Social Security Administration website ( WWW.SSA.GOV) or simply by dialing 1-800-772-1213. Through these contacts, you will be able to find your nearest office location and the office hours under which they operate. You can also consult with the Agency in case of any difficulties.


Possession of a Social Security Card is important, as discussed above you will need it when filing your income tax, when applying for a job, or even when seeking credit services among other uses. In the event that you misplace or lose Social Security Card ensure that you follow the above three major points. Also, keep in mind that the United States Social Security Administration will only allow you to request for up to three replacement cards in a year and only up to 10 times during your whole entire lifetime or duration in the United States.