Why you should hire someone to help you with an SS-5 Form


SSN or Social Security Number is a nine-digit number issued to the citizens of the country, permanent, temporary or working, by the SSA.

It is not only used for the purpose of social security as a primary objective but also as an identification proof for the person, for taxation purposes. It essential for a citizen to have a Social Security number and a card to get a job, get the benefits of Social Security in addition to other government services for the public.

The SS-5 form (https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/form-ss-5/) is meant for the following :

1) Apply for an original Social Security Card that is the person does not have an SSN and card and wishes to get one.

2) Apply for replacement of the card in case the person has lost his card or has misplaced it.

3) Change or correction of information due to wrong filling up of form or some changes in the address, contact number, etc. of the citizen.

Filling up the SS-5 form may initially seem to be a trivial task at first sight and it is so except that its time consuming and there are several other things to be taken care of before applying for the card or correction.

Many people, therefore, resort to hiring an individual who has had experience in this particular job of filling up the SS-5 form. This has several benefits the most important being saving time and unnecessary running around with important documents from one place to another as even a small mistake in the submission of the required documents will get the application rejected. These hired men and women ask for the documents necessary for the completion of the application – evidence of age, evidence of identity, evidence of U.S. citizenship and evidence of immigration status. There are several complications that may arise during the filling up of the form if done personally and there may be confusions as to what to submit in replacement of a particular document if the person does not possess it like a driving license. There are also specifications as to what pen needs to be used to fill up the form and on what paper the print out needs to be taken, in what format the dates should be entered and what are the documents that need to be submitted in original (if any) or photocopy version and need to be attested by a concerned authority.

It is not possible to keep all these in mind when filling up the form and obviously, very few people have the time in the modern world to spend days, weeks and sometimes even months to get an SSN. The hired individuals are well aware of the procedure to apply for the SSN card and offer an efficient and fast solution to the problems that may arise in case an individual decides to do the task himself or herself. They know how to overcome problems in the process, as to them these are very common and minor issues. The fees required is usually quite nominal compared to the benefits gained because of hiring an experienced person.

Hence it can be recommended that a citizen hires an experienced individual to fill up the SS-5 form for him or her.